Wardrobe can play a huge role in the outcome of your family portraits. So I have put together a few tips on what to wear to your next family photo session.

Harmonious colours are key and different locations will call for different wardrobe options, so think about your ideal location and the time of the year your photos will be taken. For instance, soft pastel colour or blues work best on the beach and bold, vibrant colours makes a green background pop even more.

What to wear to your family photo shoot with Lindi-Mari Photography

Clothing should coordinate but everyone doesn’t have to wear the same thing or even the same colour. Choose a ‘hero piece’ and then work around that. Mom or daughter might want to wear a item with a pattern and colours and you can then pic complementary colours from there.

Try to stick to only 3 colours that complement each other.



Layering and textures are always good. So think of wearing scarves, chunky jumpers, jackets, lace or tulle skirts for girls or layering a open shirt over a boys t-shirt.


What to wear to your family photo shoot with Lindi-Mari Photography


It is very important to dress kids in something that will fit them properly at the time of the photo shoot. If an item is to big on the children this will look odd on the photos.



Choose accessories to complement the images, like headbands for girls, hats or suspenders for boys, scarves and jewellery.


And don’t forget about shoes and socks.




Lay the outfits out on a bed, step back and take a look, once you are happy with your choices, make sure the items are clean and wrinkle-free, then set them aside for the session.


Also think about where you want to display the images in your home and what colours will complement that space. Will the location you choose match the style and decor of your home?


What to avoid:

• Avoid clothing containing logos, slogans, or other distractions.

• Pin stripes, large designs and polka dots can look distorted in camera, so try to avoid those.


Head over to my Pintrest page and check out the “What To Wear: Clients” board, for more inspiration.

You can also send me photos of what you are planning on to wear and I will be happy to help and give you some advice.

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